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Change the Way You Operate

70% of Companies either have a digital transformation strategy or are developing one. Are you one of them? Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword floating around in the IT landscape. It has become a necessity for every business, regardless of industry, size, and type.

The reason why digital transformation is crucial is that it changes the way a company operates. The workflow, culture, systems, and processes of the organization are evaluated. The transformation consolidates data across areas and affects every level of the organization. From a business point of view, digital transformation enhances data collection and resource management, enabling you to obtain data-driven customer insights and deliver a superior customer experience. It also encourages digital culture, agility, and productivity, resulting in increased profits and business growth.

Pick the Right Digital Transformation Partner

While digital transformation is crucial, it can be a daunting task. It isn’t surprising why only 7% of organizations have truly implemented digital transformation. The right digital transformation partner can make the transformation process quick, seamless, and cost-effective. Consider the following factors when choosing a digital transformation partner.

Technical Capable Digital Transformation Team

Technical Capability

Ensure that the partner you choose has a dedicated team of technical experts who can envision and conceptualize your digital transformation objectives. Evaluate their tech capabilities, workforce models, working prototypes, and operational scalability.

Experienced Digital Transformation Experts

Industry Expertise

While digital transformation is essential for all industries, it’s better to stick with industry-specific service providers. Look for digital transformation partners who carry expertise and experience in your industry.

Digital Transformation Strategists

Organizational Footprint

Numerous digital transformation firms are present, & to narrow down your focus, you need to examine each company’s organizational footprint. This includes their methodologies, organizational strategies, development strategies, and engagement processes.

Our Digital Transformation Process

We take a data-driven, result-oriented approach to digital transformation. Here’s an insight into our digital transformation process.

Identify Digital Transformation Objective

Objective Identification

Determine What You Want to Achieve

Before implementing and executing any strategy, it’s important to set clear goals and visions, and we help you with that. Most Companies aim to improve the digital customer experience when developing a digital transformation strategy. Enhancing end-user experience to improve loyalty, retention, and revenue is an essential objective of digital transformation.

In addition to improving CX, you can leverage digital transformation to transform business processes to alleviate costs, differentiate offerings, integrate supply chain partners, and boost organizational productivity. Optimizing operations and infrastructure to enhance agility and flexibility can be another application of digital transformation.

We understand that each organization is unique and will have a different set of organizational objectives. We help you determine where you stand as a company, what challenges you’re facing, and how digitization can help you move closer towards your business goals.

Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

Invest in the Right Technology

Investment in digital transformation is likely to surge, as the global digital transformation market is projected to reach $2.74 trillion by 2026. But most Companies see digital transformation as spending money on tech. In reality, it isn’t about spending money on tech; it’s about investing money in the right areas.

That said, choosing the technology and systems to support your objectives is a pivotal part of the transformation process. Here’s where Sage Titans can help. We take care of the technical part of your digital transformation process. Our two areas of focus are:

  • Developing or implementing a brand-new digital platform
  • Transforming or iterating your operating model to use the new platform

A common misconception when it comes to digital transformation is that technology is the answer to all hurdles. Technology is an enabler that helps you streamline your processes and become more aligned towards your goals. The ROI you generate depends on your operations, the way you implement a digital transformation, and how you utilize it to drive business growth.

Besides helping you select the right tech, we help you optimize your end-to-end operations so that you can achieve the best digital transformation outcomes.

Digital Transformation Process

Process Transformation

Integrate Digitization to Daily Workflows

The final step of the digital transformation process is to integrate it into your organizational structure and daily workflows. To successfully implement a digital transformation, you need to define a structure that supports your operations. Your processes should be in line with the requirements and expectations of your consumers, suppliers, stakeholders, and employees.

The reason why many digital transformation initiatives fail is the lack of strong leadership. We resolve that hurdle for you. At Sage Titans, we assign a dedicated Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for your digital transformation process, who works closely with your company and helps you identify new business opportunities and business streams.

Apart from installing a strong leadership focus, we prioritize company-wide adoption of digital transformation and new technology. Our team works with every department and team in your organization, from C-suite level members to managers and employees, to acquaint them with the ins and outs of digital transformation.

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